Table 1 Summary of data from Affymetrix GeneChip analysis

Probe seta mRNAb NGF (fold)c

Signaling components

rc_AI013765_s Homologues of ß-arrestin 2 9.6 I
X13905cds Ras-related Rab1B protein 6.0 I (3)
AJ000556cds JAK1 5.3 I (3)
L24907 calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase 1 4.2 I
M91590_g ß-arrestin 2 4.1 I
U50412 PI 3-kinase regulatory protein subunit p85{alpha}, alternatively spliced product 4.0 I (4)
U91847_s p38 MAPK 3.6 I
U09793 p21 c-Ki-Ras 3.4 I (3)
U88324 G protein ß 1 subunit 5.0 D

Neurotransmitter receptor

L31621_s nicotinic acetylcholine receptor {alpha} 3 subunit 7.9 I
J05122 peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor 5.0 I
L31619 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor {alpha} 7 subunit 4.7 I
L08490cds GABA-A receptor {alpha} 1 subunit 6.3 D

Cytoskeletal and extracellular proteins

AF017637 carboxypeptidase Z 25.7 I
M25638_s neurofilament protein NF-L 6.8 I (5)
AF031880 neurofilament protein NF-L 5.2 I (4)
U52950 microtubule-associated protein 1B 5.1 I (3)
rc_AI227608_s Homologues of microtubule-associated protein {tau} 4.7 I
AJ012603cds TNF-{alpha} converting enzyme (TACE) 4.5 I

Transcription factors

X13058 p53 9.6 I
Y09507 hypoxia-inducible factor 1 6.1 I

Proteins associated with synaptic vesicles

X80395cds_s rVAT 7.4 I (5)
AB003992_s SNAP-25B 6.6 I
rc_AI145494_g Homologues of synapsin 2a 4.9 I
L20821 syntaxin 4 4.9 I
U63740 synaptotagmin-binding zygin I 3.6 I
rc_AI045501_s Homologues of neuronal pentraxin 3.4 I

Miscellaneous proteins and enzymes

c_AI105223_s Homologues of monamine oxidase A 7.1 I
E13644cds_s Neurodap-1 5.6 I
E12625 novel protein associated with nerve injury 4.7 I
AF044910 survival motor neuron mRNA 4.5 I
M74494_g sodium/potassium ATPase {alpha}-1 subunit truncated isoform 3.9 I
rc_AA943304_g Homologues of sodium/potassium ATPase ß-3 subunit 3.6 I
AF016296 neuropillin 3.5 I
X99267 presenilin-2 3.2 I
U67207_s leptin receptor (OB-R) 6.2 D

a s and g indicate probe sets that detect a group of homologous mRNAs.

b mRNAs shown in bold and in italics are those in which changes induced by NGF were reversed by succinyl acetone.

c The folds of changes in mRNA levels induced by NGF are listed; I, increase; D, decrease. Numbers in parentheses indicate the folds of decreases in mRNA levels caused by succinyl acetone in NGF-induced cells.