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Fig. 2. Farnesylated, but not unprenylated, RhoA(63L) retains the ability to stimulate transcriptional activation of SRF and NF-{kappa}B and the cyclin D1 promoter. 293T cells were transiently cotransfected with pcDNA3 expression plasmids encoding the indicated proteins (500 ng/30-mm dish) together with reporter plasmids, where the luciferase gene is under control of the fos minimal promoter containing either SRF (A)- or NF-{kappa}B (B)-responsive elements or the human cyclin D1 promoter (C). Forty-eight h after transfection, stimulation of transcriptional activity was determined by measuring luciferase activity of cell lysates. Fold activation was determined by the number of relative luciferase units relative to the number of units seen with the empty vector control. Data points are the means of three independent measurements; bars, SE. Data are representative of three independent assays.