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Fig. 5. Effect of endocytosis inhibition by latrunculin A and of arachidonic acid supplementation on Fas/CD95 surface expression in Jurkat cells and in the sublines. Jurkat (left panels), Jurkat-ws (middle panels), or Jurkat-hp cells (right panels) were left untreated, were incubated for 1 h with 40 µg/ml of latrunculin A (+Latr, top panels), or were supplemented with 10 µM arachidonic acid bound to serum proteins for 48 h (+20:4, bottom panels). After the incubations, cells were stained at 4°C with FITC-labeled anti-Fas mAb SM1/23 and Fas/CD95 surface expression analyzed by flow cytometry. Diagrams shown are representative of at least three different experiments performed for each experimental condition.