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Fig. 2. Expression of Fas/CD95 and CD3 in parental Jurkat cells and in the hyperproliferative sublines Jurkat-ws and Jurkat-hp. a, proteins from Jurkat, Jurkat-ws, or Jurkat-hp cells (2 x 106 per lane) were extracted, separated by SDS-PAGE in nonreducing (top panel) or reducing conditions (bottom panel), transferred, and immunoblotted with the polyclonal anti-Fas antibody C20 (top panel) or with the anti-CD3{epsilon} mAb UCHT1 (bottom panel). The positions of molecular weight markers are indicated on the left. b and c, Fas/CD95 was located by confocal microscopy by using the SM1/23 mouse mAb and FITC-conjugated antimouse antibody. b, Jurkat cells; c, Jurkat-ws cells. Magnification, x2000.