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Fig. 5. Microarray analysis. A, RNAs from mock (left panel) or Ad5-CMV-asTGF-ß1-infected (right panel) human MFBs were isolated, labeled by reverse transcription, and used as probes in a cytokine expression microarray analysis. After hybridization, the filters were washed and subjected to autoradiography for 16 h. B, comparison of the obtained signals of the TGF-ß superfamily in mock-infected MFBs (upper panel) or in MFBs expressing asTGF-ß1 (lower panel). C, suppression of decorin in cells infected with Ad5-CMV-asTGF-ß1. Compared with mock-infected MFBs (upper panel), cells infected with Ad5-CMV-asTGF-ß1 (lower panel) show a significant reduction of decorin expression. D, verification of decorin suppression by Northern blot analysis. RNAs from mock (Lane 1) or Ad5-CMV-asTGF-ß1 (Lane 2) infected human MFBs were subsequently analyzed for expression of decorin, asTGF-ß1, and GAPDH, respectively.