Fig. 6. Selection of 10W2T-derived cell clones with differential expressions of exogenous Gab1. A, eight clones of Gab1-transfected 10W2T (clones 1–3 and 6–10) were examined for the expression of Gab1 by Western analysis. Fifty µg of protein were loaded to each lane, separated by SDS-PAGE (8%), and analyzed by anti-Gab1 blotting and ECL. The highest expression of Gab1 was observed in clone 1, and Gab1 expression was negative in clone 7. Low but significant expression of Gab1 was detected in clone 10, and moderate expression was observed in clone 9. B, 10W2T-none (clone 7) and three clones of 10W2T-Gab1 (clones 1, 9, and 10) were cultured for 4 days with 10% FBS, and the proliferation curves were compared among those cells. The data are the means of six determinations.