Fig. 3. Nucleotide sequences of hamster Gab1 cDNA, its deduced protein sequence, and comparison with mouse and human Gab1. A, nucleotide sequence of hamster cDNA covering whole coding region (1–2085). Translation start codon ATG and stop codon TGA are shaded. B, alignment of hamster, mouse, and human Gab1 amino acid sequences. Hamster Gab1 and human Gab1 lack Pro376 found in mouse Gab1, thus they are composed of 694 amino acids, whereas mouse Gab1 is composed of 695 amino acids. The PH domain and MBD are boxed, and the binding sites for the SH2 or SH3 domain of Grb2 and the SH2 domain of PI3K and SHP-2 are underlined.