Table 1 Summary of epithelium/stromal cocultures in Matrigela

Epithelia sample Age Diagnosis Preparation Stromab sample Age Morphology in Matrigel

Spheroid Epithelia

B 86 BPH Ex i 80 Ac, B, D Cub, S
C 73 BPH Ex ii 57 cAc Col (p), Cub
D 76 BPH Ex iii 75 Ac ND
F 78 BPH cd44 iv 74 Irr, B ND
G 76 BPH cd44 iv 74 Ac Cub, S
G 76 BPH Ex,cd44 iv 74 Ac Cub, S, Col
I 75 BPH Ex,cd44 v 89 Ac ND
I 75 BPH Ex,cd44 STO Ac ND
J 54 Normal Ex,cd44 vi 72 cAc Col (p), Cub
J 54 Normal Ex,cd44 STO cAc Col (p), Cub

a Cocultures were grown in KSFM supplemented with 2% serum, 20-7 M dihydrotestosterone, and 10 ng/ml oestrogen.

b All stromal cultures were BPH derived. Ex, 7-day explant culture; cd44, CD44-positive epithelial cell isolation; Irr, irregular shaped spheroids of solid cells; Ac, acinus-like spheroid containing a lumen and one/two epithelial layers; cAc, compact acinus-like spheroid; D, ducts; B, budding; Cub, cuboidal; Col, columnar; (p) polarized; S, stratified; ND, not determined.