Fig. 2. Northern blot analysis of hybridizable GnT-V mRNA in various cell lines. A, total RNA (30 µg) was analyzed by hybridization with 32P-labeled GnT-V cDNA ("Materials and Methods"). B, ethidium bromide staining of RNA samples showing the relative concentration of rRNA, added as an internal control for each lane. C, densitometric scanning of both the 7.5-kb and 3.5-kb mRNA species, and normalization of the band intensity with 18S total RNA. Cell lines were: artificial macrophage/melanoma fusion hybrids of high (hybrids 94-H4, 94-H48, and 95-H1), and low (hybrid 95-H3) metastatic potential, spontaneous in vivo hybrid PADA, parental S91 melanoma cells, and DBA/2J peritoneal macrophages (). A summary of results with GnT-V mRNA levels in this and an additional experiment including MSH/IBMX treatment is given in Table 2 .