Fig. 1. STAT5B accelerates v-Src-inducible transformation. NIH-3T3 cell lines were stably cotransfected with various combinations of different forms of STAT5 and oncogenic v-Src kinase using bicistronic vectors pEFIRES-N or pEFIRES-P. Stably cotransfected NIH-3T3 cells (105 cells/35-mm-diameter dish) were plated and photographed after (A) 40 h or (B) 3 days of incubation in media supplemented with 2 µg/ml puromycin and 800 µg/ml G418. NP, vectors pEFIRES-N and pEFIRES-P; vSrc, v-Src in pEFIRES-P vector; N, vector pEFIRES-N; 5B, STAT5B; 5{Delta}B, STAT5{Delta}B; 5A, STAT5A.