Fig. 1. Effects of Nm23-H1 and Nm23-H1F on maturation. A, Nm23 immunoblot showing the endogenous Mr ~24,000 Nm23 protein and the ectopic Mr ~19,000 human Nm23 proteins. Oocytes were microinjected with water (Lane 1) or synthetic mRNAs for Nm23-H1 (Lanes 2–4) or Nm23-H1F (Lanes 5–7). Oocytes were incubated for 20–24 h in the absence of progesterone to allow full expression of Nm23 and then incubated for 10 h in the presence of progesterone. B—D, time course of maturation in oocytes microinjected with water (Control, {circ}) or mRNAs for Nm23-H1 (•) or Nm23-H1F ({blacktriangleup}). The amount of RNA injected ranged from 9–74 ng/oocyte, as indicated. GVBD was scored by the appearance of a white dot at the oocyte’s animal pole. Ten to 20 oocytes were followed in each experimental group. Data shown are from one of two similar experiments.