Fig. 8. Constitutive overexpression of murine JunD in a stable cell line results in an increase in p202 levels. Cells overexpressing JunD (Lanes 5–7) or control cells (transfected with vector; Lanes 2–4) were incubated in growth medium supplemented with 10% (Lanes 2 and 5) or 1% (Lanes 3, 4, 6, and 7) for 3 days. Cells incubated in 1% serum (Lanes 4 and 7) were also stimulated with 20% serum for 24 h. As a control, AKR-2B cells were treated with IFN for 48 h (Lane 1). Cells extracts were prepared as described in "Materials and Methods," and equal amounts of proteins were analyzed by immunoblotting using the anti-p202 antibody. An arrow indicates the p202 protein band.