Fig. 6. Expression of megakaryocyte-related cell surface antigens in control cells and p53-expressing cells upon incubation with PMA. Cells at an initial concentration of 0.2 x 106 cells/ml were incubated with or without PMA at different concentrations at 32°C (i.e., the temperature permissive for the wild-type conformation of p53). After 4 days, the cells were subjected to analysis of CD9 (A) and CD61 (B) by flow cytometry. Values shown are median fluorescence intensity for viable cells. Mean values from three to nine independent experiments are shown. {circ}, Mock 1; {square}, Mock 2; {diamond}, Mock 3; {triangleup}, Mock 4; •, ptsp53/A2; {diamondsuit}, ptsp53/A5; bars, SE.