Fig. 1. PKC C2 and V5 domain constructs. This figure outlines the structure of classical (PKC{alpha}, PKCßI, and PKCßII) and novel (PKC{delta} and PKC{epsilon}) PKC isoforms and highlights in gray the C2 and V5 regions used in this study. SK-N-BE(2) cells were transfected with expression vectors coding for EGFP alone and for PKC{alpha}, PKC{delta}, and PKC{epsilon} C2 domains and PKC{alpha}, PKCßI, and PKCßII V5 domains fused to EGFP. Cell lysates (60 µg of cellular protein) were subjected to Western blot analysis with polyclonal anti-green fluorescent protein antibody. The positions of molecular weight markers (97, 66, 46, 30, and 21) are indicated (in thousands). Arrowheads indicate the positions of the V5 and C2 domain-EGFP fusion proteins. An unspecific band at approximately Mr 55,000 is also detected with this antibody.