Fig. 2. Expression of Evi1 protein in P19 transformant cells. P19 cells were transfected as described in "Materials and Methods." Each nuclear extract was subjected to SDS-PAGE, blotted to a filter, and probed with anti-pTEV1 antibody. Control P19 EC cells (P19 EC), vector-transfected P19 clones (Mock), and Evi1-transfected clones (clones P19/D2 and P19/D5) were grown as monolayers in the absence of 1 µM RA, and control P19 cells were cultured in the presence of 1 µM RA for 4 days after RA treatment [P19 RA (+) Day 4]. A human leukemia cell line (MOLM1) expressed Evi1 highly as a positive clone.