Table 2 Effect of aphidicolin treatment on the subcellular distribution profile of p94fer

CHO cells were transiently transfected with a p94fer expression vector, left untreated, or exposed to aphidicolin for the last 20 h of transfection. Some samples were treated with aphidicolin for the last 17 h of transfection; the drug was then washed away, and the cells were replenished with fresh medium for a further 3 h. Cells were fixed, and the subcellular distribution profiles of p94fer were determined using indirect immunocytochemistry and confocal microscope analysis.

Cell treatment Cytoplasmica (%) Equal (%) Nuclear (%)

None 40 37 23
Aphidicolin 3 15 82
Aphidicolin + 3 h 5 15 80

a Cytoplasmic, cells that harbored 0–40% of the p94fer molecules in the cytoplasm; Equal, cells that harbored 40–60% of the p94fer molecules in the cytoplasm or in the nucleus; Nuclear, cells that harbored 60–100% of the p94fer molecules in the cell nucleus.