Fig. 8. Cellular effects of ectopically expressed FER proteins in CHO cells. A, exogenous levels of p94fer and p51ferT in extracts prepared from CHO cells which were stably transfected with the pHS1 vector (Lane 1), the pHS1ferT plasmid (Lane 2), and pHS1fer (Lane 3). Cells were treated with 100 µM ZnCl2 and 30 µg of whole-cell protein extracts were exposed to Western blot analysis using the {alpha}-FER C1 antibodies. Arrows (left), migration distances of p94fer and p51ferT. Migration distances of known molecular weight markers are given on the right. B, flow cytometry analysis of pHS1, pHS1ferT, and pHS1 fer cells. ZnCl2 treated cells were subjected to flow cytometry analysis.