Fig. 6. NLS in p94fer and p51ferT. A, fer KR652/3NQ (a), fer G571R-KR652/3NQ (b), ferT KR282/3NQ (c), and ferT KK185/61Q (d) were transiently expressed in COS1 cells. Cells were then fixed and stained with {alpha}-HA monoclonal antibody. Photographs represent stacked confocal sections. Scale bar, 20 µm. B, schematic summary of p94fer (fer) and p51ferT (ferT) mutants, which were tested in these experiments. Mutations in putative (putative NLS) monopartite (mono p.) or bipartite (bi p.) NLS are marked. Signs describing the nuclear accumulation of the different mutants are as in Fig. 3B , and the values were determined according to the described procedure.