Fig. 2. A, subcellular distribution of p94fer and p51ferT in COS1 cells. HA-p94fer (a–d and g) and HA-p51ferT (e, f, and h) were transiently expressed in confluent quiescent (a and b) or actively growing (c–h) COS1 cells. Cells were fixed and stained with {alpha}-HA antibody (a, c, e, g, and h). Nuclei (a, c, and e) in Fig. 5 were stained with propidium iodide (b, d, and f, respectively). Photographs represent stacked confocal laser sections taken 1 µm apart. Scale bars, 20 µm. Arrows (b), nuclei of transfected and stained cells. B, subcellular distribution of exogenous p94fer in BrdUrd stained COS1 cells. HA-p94fer was transiently expressed in actively growing COS1 cells. Cells were exposed for 2 h to BrdUrd and then fixed and double stained with {alpha}-HA (a and c) and {alpha}-BrdUrd (b and d, respectively) monoclonal antibodies. Scale bar, 20 µm. Arrows (c and d), accumulation of p94fer (c) in BrdUrd-incorporating nuclei (d).