Fig. 3. Reduced binding activity of E6 protein to p53 in revertants. A, detection of E6 protein in HeLa and revertants. E6 protein was immunoprecipitated and loaded with 15% SDS-PAGE. Antibody C1P5 were used for detection of E6 protein in immunoprecipitates by Western blot. The membrane was cut on the level of Mr 26,000 corresponding position of immunoglobulin light chain. B, 20 mg of total protein from each cell line were immunopurified on a column with attached p53-specific antibody (1801). Less than 10% of eluate from each cell line was loaded on 10% gel, and p53 protein was detected using Western blot. The rest of the column eluate was concentrated and loaded on 15% gel (C). E6 protein was detected using same antibody as in A.